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Fort Collins Garage Doors | Same Day Service is About You

We love offering many things to our customers as a way to increase the value of our service, as well as helping you to feel like you’ve made the right choice when it comes to choosing Fort Collins Garage Doors.

And one of those things that we offer is same day service.

Now, some people don’t care much about it, but I would argue that it’s only because they don’t know why same day service should matter to them.  It should matter because it’s how we show that we value you and your time.  We could put you off until it’s more convenient for us to come out.

. . .  Or we can come out right away so that you don’t have to spend all week waiting on us.

Of course, if you want to schedule for down the road, you can; it’s all about giving you the power and control over how / when your garage door repairs will go.

That’s just another way we go above and beyond for you!

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Fort Collins Garage Doors | Same Day Service is About You

Common uses?  A garage is a building meant to store automobiles and sport utility vehicles, right?  Well, statistics point out the fact that even though at least half the world that owns homes have garages also, only about 25% of those home-owners in the United Kingdom and 60% of home and automobile owners in the United States actually park their cars inside. Wow!  What do they use them for, you ask?

Practical Garage Door Storage

The most common uses of attached garages that are not used for vehicles are:

  • Storage. For people of modest means, this area can make their living space bigger.  Some actually make them into family areas and bedrooms.  Others, just have too much “stuff” and have to park it somewhere.  Sometimes, garages are used for “collections” of automobiles that are not used often, but are intended for investment and hobbies.
  • Play or work area.  A garage is a perfect place to start a music group and rock out.  Others want to have a place to play pool or ping pong with room to move around.  Perhaps families with lots of children can turn it into a safe, carpeted area for toddlers to play. The do-it-yourself guy can make himself a dandy workshop complete with power tools and cabinets.
  • Home Business.  There is no less expensive way to start your own business than in your home or garage.  One does not have to pay rent for office or warehouse space. If the new business includes inventory, you can guess where it will be stored.
  • Additional home space.  Whatever is adjacent to the garage, whether it be a bedroom, family room or kitchen, can be expanded to increase the square footage of the main house.

The car or cars you ask?  Well, they are often found on driveways, in carports and at the curb. 

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